A Different, Better Way to Deal with Postpartum Anxiety/Depression

It’s been a really long time since I last wrote! I have been on QUITE a journey; wading through the confusing waters of postpartum mood issues. My goal is to help you, if you have fallen victim to this seemingly hopeless pit of despair. I just got back from NYC, where I went to one of the top functional medicine doctors in the world, Kelly Brogan, MD.

She assured me that inflammation can cause obsessive thoughts, and terrible anxiety, and best of all, that psychiatric diagnoses are a crock. That’s right, a crock. However, that does not negate the fact that we can feel like absolute crap, and hardly even feel like ourselves after pregnancy…for months! So, how do we get better? I highly suggest visiting kellybroganmd.com (sorry, my link wouldn’t work). Also, be sure to sign up for her free newsletter.

Dr. Brogan is pretty much a genius (hence the degree from MIT, Cornell, and on and on), so don’t bother commenting if you’re caught up in today’s “psycho-babble”, that is known as pop psychology. She’s too smart for that. One of my first and foremost suggestions: DO NOT READ BOOKS ON PPD!! PLEASE!!!! Seriously, I believe I would’ve been fine had I not gotten caught in that trap. The trap of fear from reading those stupid books that make you believe you won’t get better without psychotherapy and SSRIs, and the lie that having obsessive fears could mean you have OCD onset. It’s a bunch of crap, fueled by the drug industry. SSRIs are mainly placebo effect, and honestly, I don’t believe anyone should take them. If you take them, obviously, you don’t want to just quit taking them. Try to find a functional medicine doctor who can help you. Dr. Brogan’s site has a list of functional medicine doctors who may be in your area, and who could help you taper off medication.

Here are some things Dr. Brogan told me to do:
-Go on the Paleo diet (I use the Against All Grains Cookbook! 🙂
-Get on a strong probiotic
-Take 5 minutes everyday to meditate (I read the Bible, and meditate on God’s Word. Meditation was first mentioned in the Bible).
-She recommended different supplements for immunity, anxiety, and sleep.

Here’s the gist of what she recommended:
1. Obtain labwork (she had me do blood work when I was in NYC).

The salivary and Organic Acid kit will be sent to your house.

2. Dietary recommendations attached for the month.

This prescribes elimination of all grains which is preferable if you’re able. Check out the resources page on my website for US Wellness Meats and other options. If you want delivery of 30 days, here is the link: https://premadepaleo.refersion.com/c/a1d
A slightly less expensive option as well:


I also recommend half a tbsp of apple cider vinegar in filtered water (just a shot’s worth) before meals for digestion.

I highly recommend incorporating bone broth and/or gelatin from Great Lakes into your diet. You can download Top 7 Foods from my website popup for more food tricks. Here is a breakfast option: http://kellybroganmd.com/article/transitioning-to-paleo-breakfast/

3. Other options to explore for the future

– Fisherwallace.com – these are available through me by prescription

– EMwave is a biofeedback device, separate item for home use which can help with sleep and concentration http://www.heartmathstore.com/cgi-bin/category.cgi?item=6300&siteID=bU_9I2tCX3Y-Fo2mUosXLVWsspdmkiHViw

Mindfulness – 5 minutes daily

4. Supplement recommendations:

For immunity

Immulox spray 3 morning and night for immune modulation

R-Hist – 2 twice daily if you can take the caps

Butyrate – 2 twice daily if you can (smells bad so you won’t be able to open it up)

For anxiety

Liposomal Glutathione – around 200mg twice daily If you have NAC, the dose is 3g daily divided in two

Lavender 80mg nightly

Inositol Powder – start with half a teaspoon dissolved in warm water morning and night with food

For sleep

Grounded – one scoop before bed

GlyZMag – one sachet before bed

Kavinace – 2-4 before bed

You may want to get started on these or wait for your blood results.

5. Referrals


I’m anxious to hear what Dr. Brogan says when my lab results are in. I want to help you if you’re going through PPD, which feels like a living hell. You wouldn’t believe how bad mine has been if I told you. Honestly, I don’t want to talk about it, but I do want to help you out! I realize most people can’t just fly to NYC to Dr. Brogan, I really can’t afford it either, but I’ve been desperate to be well. My powerful, and expensive probiotic should be in at the pharmacy tomorrow. I have very few healthy gut bacteria, so I think the probiotic will really help!

NEVER EVER, EVER GIVE UP! Don’t you dare give up! Remember: “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!”

This is NOT FOREVER, Sweetie!




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